Christina Milian mode on the almighty Mauritius beach!


Christina Milian has been in Mauritius for several weeks. The star filmed a woman fishing on a beautiful beach.

Christina Milian is in Mauritius for work. The starlet took a break to hit the beach and play paparazzi.

Christina Milian gave birth to a baby boy almost a year ago. M Pokora’s darling is looking forward to being a mother again and taking care of little Isaiah. In fact, she finds it hard to let go and often shares a few photos and videos of her child.

Still, the 39-year-old star isn’t too keen on showing off her baby. Thus, the fans had to wait long months before being able to see the face of the little one. Both parents recently unveiled part of her face on Instagram.

In any case, Christina Milian quickly recovered from her pregnancy. In just a few months, she has lost all of her pregnancy pounds and is looking slimmer than ever. The actress does a lot of sports and takes great pride in her slim and firm body.

In fact, she also recently returned to work. For several weeks, the starlet has been in Mauritius for a shoot. She enjoys the beautiful landscapes and does not hesitate to reveal it to her fans.


Christina Milian is happy to be in Mauritius and takes advantage of her breaks to go to the beach. Far from the epidemic, the latter enjoys the great outdoors and does many activities. In fact, not long ago, she somewhat improvised paparazzi.

Indeed, on Instagram, the starlet got up early to take advantage of the calm and go to the beach. She saw a woman fishing and stopped for a few moments to film her. The stranger has caught a fish and Christina is obsessed.

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Christina Milian talks about what the fisherwoman does and loves being able to see her in the distance. She seems to admire her work and is even passionate about fishing. The starlet is delighted to be able to also unveil the beautiful beaches of the island.

Finally, the actress seems happy to be able to be in the sun during this time of Covid. In addition, the shooting of his film seems to be going very well and his fans are already eager to see the result!


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