Christina Milian is fascinating with the visible bra!


Christina Milian always appears in top form on Instagram. The starlet showed part of her chest in a little top.

Christina Milian is enjoying huge success on Instagram. M Pokora’s sweetheart ignited the canvas and revealed her chest in a very original top.

Christina Milian has been in a relationship for several years with M Pokora. The 39-year-old star gave birth to a baby boy, Isaiah, a few months ago. She is very happy to be a mother again and looks forward to being able to expand the family.

The star and her boyfriend are very protective of their son and refuse to post photos of her face. So the fans never got to see the baby’s face and regret it. Nevertheless, the starlet does not hesitate to reveal a hand or a foot of the little boy.

In any case, in a few months, Christina Milian lost all of her pregnancy pounds. She looks slimmer than ever and does a lot of sports to keep her body muscular and firm. The star is therefore very proud of her and impresses her fans on Instagram.

The actress has been in Mauritius for a shoot for several weeks. Nevertheless, she took advantage of a day off to appear sexy in nature!


Christina Milian is delighted to be able to spend time in Mauritius with M Pokora. She goes through the hours of filming, but is always so energetic. In fact, a few hours ago, she posted a sexy new pic on Instagram.

Indeed, we find the companion of M Pokora in the middle of the forest in a casual outfit. Indeed, she wears a pair of sneakers and loose beige pants. However, fans are most likely to block on her huge cleavage!

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Violet and Isaiah’s mom wanted to mark the occasion, so put on a very original little top. Indeed, this garment reveals a huge part of the star’s chest. Thus, Christina Milian emphasizes her breasts and has no complexes.

The starlet still took the pose with a skin-colored bra. She ignited the web in a few hours and it is clear that her fans are in love. ” Nice picture ! One fan wrote. “Always sultry,” said another fan. Thus, her photo is unanimous on Instagram!


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