Christina Milian already nostalgic for her pregnancy?

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 21: Christina Milian attends The Hair-Tique presented by Phil On Hair at Goya Studios on September 21, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images)

Christina Milian already nostalgic for her pregnancy? She reveals a photo of her baby bump! Christina Milian just posted an old photo of her pregnancy! Netizens literally loved this step back!

Christina Milian is on a little cloud! Indeed, the young woman has just given birth to her second child! However, the latter is already nostalgic for her pregnancy…

Monday January 20, 2020, Christina Milian and M Pokora welcomed their first child! A little boy named Isaiah and born in Los Angeles, California! Since then, the couple has been at the height of happiness! Indeed, their little family is now complete! The only downside … The American actress is already nostalgic for her baby bump!

And the least we can say is that it is not the only one! Indeed, since the announcement of her pregnancy in July 2019, Christina used to post many photos of her rounded belly … Pictures which her subscribers are already missing! For this reason, M Pokora’s darling has just posted an adorable old photo of her baby bump!

In the photo in question, Christina Milian is wearing a pretty pink jumpsuit, heeled boots and a leather jacket! The young woman thus writes in legend. “Damn… It was so fast and fun! Dedication to Fashionnova for allowing me to stay stylish throughout this pregnancy! It was not easy but I was able to highlight my baby bump in style! ” Writes Christina.

Many Internet users have commented on this publication! “But you really are the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen!” We will miss your cute baby bump! ” Or: ” I loved the pictures of your belly Christina Milian! When is the third baby due? We can’t wait! In the meantime, congratulations on your little Isaiah! » Can we read on the social network!


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