Christian Nodal shares the possible title of the next


While everyone talks about the couple, Christian Nodal is about to launch a new album called “Made to Measure” he shared on his social networks

¿Nuevo álbum? Christian Nodal comparte el posible título del próximo(INSTAGRAM)

If you have not heard what happened, recently the singer of the Mexican regional, Christian Nodal had shared a photograph in the company of his beloved partner, via Twitter, with the description “I had never felt so tailor-made”, well, it does just a few days, Nodal, assured that the name of his new musical album will be titled “Made to measure”, so he published it in the same way from his Twitter account.

Fact that caused a total stir to his followers and the followers of the also actress, well, they were moved by the detail, to title a musical production completely in honor of his relationship with Belinda, something romantic for many and for others, not so much, They say that eventually, when their relationship ends, they will realize that it is a serious mistake.

In the same way, the singer-songwriter uses his official Twitter account to stay close to his admirers, because, from the beginning of his famous love affair, Internet users assure that the one who will come out “crying” from it will be him, and that they are eager for this to happen, for they know the epic album that would result if they broke his heart.

However, given this fact, Nodal wrote from his social network “I tell you that I can be very happy and compose songs so that your veins are cut without any problem, so never worry, I love you!”, clarifying that I do not he needs to feel sad or devastated as they think, and that without a doubt his songs will reach the deepest part of each one of them anyway.

The couple has shown from the beginning that they get along very well and that there is actually quite a lot of chemistry between them, therefore, this past Friday afternoon, Belinda published a funny video in her stories on her official account on Instagram, in the which boasts a new filter that blends seamlessly with one of her boyfriend’s tattoos.

In the small clip you can see Christian recording himself while testing a very curious filter, called: “Beli Effect”, which, as the interpreter of “Goodbye love” has it on his face, draws a tattoo with the word ” Beli ” under one eye, that’s right, very similar to the one he has near his ear.

The singer looks into the camera and then turns to the side and smiles at his companion, while showing his real tattoo, who seems to be nothing more and nothing less than his beautiful and beloved girlfriend, Belinda.

It is worth mentioning that, far from being affected by everything that people and users on the Internet comment about their relationship, they do not like it, nor do it, they simply enjoy sharing their time together and in your company.

Since they made their relationship official and published, they were the talk of all of Mexico, likewise, all kinds of theories began to be said about it, stating that they only wanted ratings for their program, that everything was a show, that they would not last at all and all kinds of negative comments, and everything seems to indicate that nothing that has been said about it is real.

And this, both of them, have shown it with the actions they carry out, since the celebration of Belinda’s birthday, the party in which they did not skimp on details and gifts, to celebrate that they had been together for months, the tattoos that were made together , Beli’s eyes on Nodal’s chest, and the most recent: the announcement of the name of the interpreter’s new album.


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