Christian McCaffrey honestly assessed the Panthers’ training plan


The Carolina Panthers are trying to discover the right preseason formula for star running back Christian McCaffrey.

On the eve of the 2022 season, the often injured striker believes that his team is on the right track.

McCaffrey works without limits during training camps, but he also mixes rest days to avoid overexertion before starting 6th grade. Head coach Matt Rule says the team tries not to work with the 26-year-old running back for more than three days. in a row.

“I think this weekend is important,” McCaffrey said on the team’s website. “You have to make sure that this weekend you are doing everything to prepare for the next day. That’s his goal. So, today is a day off, but you’re still working. You do a lot of things with coaches, you do different things with strength coaches — strength exercises, flexibility exercises to prepare for the next day. But I feel great.”

Since McCaffrey led the NFL in yards after scrimmage (2,392) and touchdowns (19) in 2019, McCaffrey has missed 23 games over the past two seasons. These excruciating injury problems are widely considered to be the result of his overuse in the Panthers’ offensive scheme.

With this new preseason method, McCaffrey will aim to return to his All-Pro form in 2022.


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