Christian Kirk Injured: NFL World Reaction


The Jacksonville Jaguars paid dearly to bring Christian Kirk into their ranks. So the injury to their new receiver is something they absolutely cannot afford (no pun intended).

Jaguars insider Jordan de Lugo reported Monday that Kirk was injured during practice. Kirk was obviously limping off the field.

Other Jaguars insiders soon reported that Kirk had been on the sidelines for a while. But he never entered the medical tent — a good sign for any injury.

However, the Jaguars fans were almost apoplectic from the initial message. The broader reaction on Twitter was absolute despair over the possible loss of their main receiver:

This offseason, the Jacksonville Jaguars significantly rebooted the NFL receiver market by signing Christian Kirk to a four-year, $72 million contract.

Since the player has yet to gain 1,000 receiving yards in a season, the amount looked ridiculous. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, this became a new starting point for negotiating new contracts for almost every host in the league.

Increased spending on recipients followed, and many recipients received more than $20 million a year from new deals.

The Jaguars will need Kirk to play as a Pro Bowl receiver to justify the huge amount they paid for him. In this regard, injuries will not help him.


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