Christian Eriksen Became The Agenda On Social Media


Christian Eriksen, who had a heart attack and collapsed in the group match between Denmark and Finland, became the agenda on social media. Christian Eriksen, who collapsed to the ground in the Denmark-Finland match in UEFA EURO 2020, became the agenda on social media. Users had difficulty entering the Christian Eriksen tag.

Christian Eriksen collapsed in the first half of the third match of EURO 2020, Denmark-Finland. While the incident became a hot topic on social media in a short time, access to the Eriksen tag was blocked on Twitter.

Christan Eriksen hospitalized

First aid was given to the player who had a heart attack by the medical teams. The Danish player was immediately surrounded by his teammates. It was stated that Christian Eriksen, who was taken to the hospital after the intervention, is in stable condition.

UEFA also made a statement about Christian Eriksen. The statement included the following:

“Following the medical emergency involving Danish player Christian Eriksen, a crisis meeting was held with both teams and match officials. More information will be communicated. It was learned that the player was taken to the hospital and his condition is stable.”

On the other hand, the Danish Football Federation also said in a statement that the Christian Eriksen was awake. The Federation also stated that the investigations will continue at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

The Christian Eriksen manager also said that he can talk by connecting to a radio in Denmark. This means that the player’s motor activities are in place and intervened in a timely manner.

The 29-year-old midfielder Christian Eriksen, who played in Inter, was caught in the coronavirus in the early days of the epidemic.


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