Christian Bale got cool points from his daughter for singing with Taylor Swift, but what actually happened on set is much less sweet


When you’re a professional actor in Hollywood, you often do amazing things in pretty amazing places. Christian Bale was one of those actors who was able to play Batman on the big screen, which probably impresses many fans, but a whole new class of fans will be jealous of his new movie “Amsterdam”, as it allows him to sing with Taylor Swift.

In David O. Russell’s new film Amsterdam, Christian Bale, John David Washington and Margot Robbie played friends caught up in events after a suspicious death. Circumstances trigger a scene at the beginning of the film where Bale and Washington are singing along with Swift, and Bale tells THR that his daughter literally couldn’t believe it. He explains…

The reason Christian Bale will be doing this is because in the next upcoming movie from Disney’s 20th Century Studios, Amsterdam, he finds himself standing over the body of his former World War I commander. Swift plays the dead man’s daughter. She feels the urge to sing the anthem over her father’s body, and Bale and Washington feel obligated to try to sing along.

Sure, Christian Bale may have been in the news once, but he’s not exactly Taylor Swift when it comes to singing talent. In this scene, the two men realize they just need to shut up and let a professional do it, which, according to Bale, is pretty much exactly what happened on set. Bale continues…

Taylor Swift wasn’t the only talent Bale was apparently in awe of, as he said he had trouble communicating with Chris Rock because he found the man too funny. While Christian Bale may not have been the perfect duet partner for Taylor Swift, he can still claim to have sung with the biggest music star in the world, and that’s pretty amazing. You’ll be able to hear them perform together when Amsterdam hits theaters this Friday.


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