Chrisley knows better: Tod & Julie Keeps Faith after Sentencing


Todd and Julie Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best spoke about their sadness and grief after they were convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion. Chrisley was sentenced on June 7, when they were found guilty on all counts. Their accountant was also convicted on similar charges. According to their lawyer Bruce Morris, they plan to appeal the decision. The couple’s life is currently on hold as they await sentencing later this year. They recently added new lawyers to their team ahead of an expected appeal request.

Real estate mogul Todd Chrisley wasn’t bothered at first by talk of financial crimes committed when the allegations first surfaced in 2019. Todd was no stranger to this, as he gained notoriety thanks to another tax evasion case in 2012, which eventually made him a star. . Todd and his wife Julie, the state director of Miss Universe, were known for their resilience and numerous bankruptcy filings, despite reportedly having a large net worth. Fans were entertained by their dramatic antics on the long-running reality show. Although Chrisley’s fans accused the family of bad acting and questioned the authenticity of their show, it seemed like it only served Chrisley well with millions of followers under their belt.

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The reality TV stars Todd and Julie still presented themselves as people of faith. During a recent episode of their Chrisley Confessions podcast, a Georgia couple openly stated that the prayers of followers are needed more than anything to help them survive this ordeal. Todd said: “This is a very sad, heartbreaking time for our family. We will be steadfast in our faith and believe that God will do what he does best, because God is a miracle worker.” The couple added that for now they will continue to host their podcast, and then “Chase and Savannah will take it over.” Presumably, this change will occur after the sentencing of Todd and Julie, which is scheduled for October 6.

The Chrisleys have never had a shortage of scandals that have kept them afloat so far. As in the case of another well-known tax evasion scandal involving Martha Stewart, the blame was placed on a former employee. It was assumed that Mark Braddock submitted false documents to the U.S. attorney. Mark previously claimed that he and Todd had an affair in early 2000. This gave Chrisley a statement of innocence as they said that Mark had presented false evidence in retaliation to Todd and Julie, and that Mark would not be a reliable source against them, according to Todd’s lawyer. Further drama arose when Todd accused his daughter Lindsay Chrisley of an alleged affair with a tax investigator.

The ongoing drama that the stars of “Chrisley Knows Best” have managed to arrange may be the answer to their prayers, as the show does not plan to end with the sentencing of Todd and Julie. The Chrisleys have entertained millions of people with their spectacle, so the old saying that the show must go on seems to hold true for them as well. Even if the show continues without their parents, Chase and Savannah could potentially continue working on their spin-off, “Rusty Chrisley.” In any case, they will not lack for scandals.