Chrishell Stause and G Flip kiss intensely in the new music video “Get Me Outta Here”: watch


Packaging on the PDA! The relationship between Krischel Stauss and Ji Flip has become even hotter than ever in the artist’s latest music video, in which the new couple kisses everywhere.

The Selling Sunset star, 40, and musician, 27, take their romance — and passionate physical affection — to new heights in G Flip’s “Get Me Outta Here” music video, which was released Thursday, May 12. being about someone suffocating in a previous relationship, the only reason the non-binary singer couldn’t breathe in the video is due to their intense kissing sessions with Stous, who recently signed the title of the song on the artist’s leg “Gay 4 Me”.

A couple hugs each other in a new video, deeply kissing in a grocery store, where the Netflix personality faces the camera to show off his body in a tight leather top, seductively biting his lip. (She also bites her partner’s lip during one of the scenes of their strong kiss.) The couple, whose relationship was confirmed by Stous on Friday, May 6, the reunion of the fifth season of Selling Sunset, also showcases their kissing skills in red-lit clips that are interspersed throughout the video.

The G Flip video appeared two days after the realtor defended their relationship from fans who were concerned about the affair.

“In the current situation with G… yes, I wish we were at the same stage in our lives and wanted the same things, but that doesn’t lessen our deep bond,” Stauss, who broke up with boss and co—star Jason Oppenheim last year in part because she I wanted children, I told fans via Instagram on Tuesday, May 10.

She went on to detail her sexuality and explained G Flip’s gender identity in the post.

“For me, it’s about a person. It’s about their heart. I am attracted to male energy, and I don’t care what my physical form is,” said the graduate of All My Children. “With G they are identified as non-binary. They really feel like they’re a mix. They identify a man and a woman on both sides. I personally find [it] such a wonderful combination, and that’s probably why we connected so quickly on such a deep level.”

Oppenheim, 45, and Staus, who was previously married to “This Is Us” star Justin Hartley, broke up in December 2021 after several months of dating.

“I’m still working through everything, you know, emotions and feelings even months later,” he told Us. “I think it will be a longer process than I expected. …I’m doing my best, but it’s still a bit raw.”

The real estate agent also told us that he will “always love” Stous — although “it doesn’t help that I have to reconsider this [breakup] [at Selling Sunset],” he added. “And then, you know, go to a reunion and talk about it. It’s going to be a tough few weeks.”