Chris Rock and Brother are asked about His New Hollywood Romance, and He has All the Jokes


For most of the last few months, Chris Rock has remained in the headlines for getting slapped in the face on live TV. But it looks like the comedian’s luck has changed because he’s still making headlines, but for a very different reason. And this time it’s much more positive. The comedian is reportedly in a relatively new relationship with actress Lake Bell, and Chris Rock’s brother is doing what all brothers do in such a situation, making fun of him.

TMZ contacted Chris Rock’s brother Tony, who recently was more than willing to speak out about his brother, and asked him what he thought about the fact that Chris was in the news because of his relationship. Tony says he is very happy because the fact that the media cares about who his brother is dating should mean that Chris Rock is considered handsome because if he was ugly, no one would care. Tony said…

As a brother, I am very happy for him. Because #1: No one cares who the ugly guys are dating. No one cares who ugly celebrities meet. So the fact that it gets so much attention, I damn well have to think my brother is pretty handsome. I am glad that he appears in this beautiful new light. They’ve never put it in a nice box before. But I don’t care who he’s dating, he must be handsome now. So I’m very happy for him. And it’s a white girl, so he’s very handsome, I think. Because she’s in love with him too, and they usually don’t like us.

Tony Rock is definitely having fun at his brother’s expense, which is to be expected from a brother. It is clear that there is a strong sense of humor in the family, and one can expect that if the roles were reversed, Chris Rock would have given his brother the same hard times. Having said that, people are always interested in celebrity relationships, especially when both people are paired with celebrities. And Chris Rock has been in the headlines recently, potentially getting people interested in what he does. Chris and Lake Bell may not be making headlines about Ben Affleck and J.Lo, but they have fans, and Rock fans have been very supportive of them lately, and these people will care. At least it shows that the comedian is focused not only on the Oscar incident, but also on other things.

But if you’re looking for inside information about a new couple, Tony Rock doesn’t have it. He admits that he hasn’t met his brother’s girlfriend yet and only found out about this couple the same way as the rest of us. He explains…

I haven’t met her. I’ve never heard anything. I’ve only seen what people see in newspapers and magazines.

Of course, we can hope that Chris Rock will introduce the family to Lake Bell. This is one of those things you have to do, right? In the end, of course, although many may not care who the celebrity is dating, one can hope that everyone who is looking for love will eventually find it.