Chris Pratt shared messages about the critics of the terminal list and the insane number of minutes that fans watched the series


It is not surprising that Chris Pratt’s “List of Terminals” is very popular with Amazon. The show is built in the same spirit as some shows of other networks, such as Jack Ryan and Jack Reacher, and it definitely took first place on the streamer in the first weekend. But this week, Pratt and those associated with the series had something to celebrate, and he took the opportunity to share posts about viewers and critics who criticized the drama.

In a series of posts on Instagram Stories, Chris Pratt candidly talked about creating a “Terminal List” and how it wasn’t done for critics who were much less kind to the Amazon Prime Video series than fans. In fact, a cursory reading of “Rotten Tomatoes” shows that critics give Pratt’s new series a rotten 40 percent overall rating. When viewers weighed in, their ratings averaged 94%. So there is certainly a dichotomy here, and it was touched upon by the author of the series Jack Carr and which Chris Pratt shared in reposts. Mood?

We didn’t make THE TERMINAL LIST for critics. We did it for those in the arena.

Pratt also shared his own take on the second image of Dr. Evil from Mike Myers’ popular Austin Powers movies touching his little finger to his lips, sharing a famous image with text that read, “one whole six billionth of a minute.”

It so happens that one as many as six billion minutes is the time during which Amazon users streamed the series during the week from July 4 to July 11, also known as its first week available on the platform. The news appeared in Gmail, and then went viral, which caused a reaction from Carr and Pratt.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that someone associated with the terminal list has spoken out about the ambiguous reaction to the show. Earlier, showrunner David DiGilio said that people would really like the “Terminal List” if they “don’t try to politicize” the Amazon Prime Video show. Jack Carr has also previously spoken out about criticism of The Terminal List, noting that, in his opinion, the answer corresponds to “the current culture and climate in America right now.” He also noted that this show seems to have “provoked” critics.

Many critics of The Terminal List have focused on the plot of the series, which is based on the first of Jack Carr’s James Rice novels. These critics used phrases like “a lukewarm and vague story” or just words like “nonsense” to describe the series. The plot even seems to be the center of positive reviews, and one critic from the Times of India noted: “This show is for you if you like high-octane action, don’t care too much about the plot and can ignore loopholes.”.

For his part, Chris Pratt focused his efforts on how the series sought to make the action right and how the “Terminal List” worked to “avoid Hollywood nonsense.”

Regardless of whether the plot is the strength of the series, and regardless of all the skeptics in the critical sphere, the series seems to have attracted the attention of viewers around the world. So far, Amazon Prime has not yet announced the renewal of the second season of The Terminal List, but the second season is likely to follow Jack Carr’s second book, The True Believer, which begins after the events of the first season finale.


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