Chris Pratt Opens Up About Giving up cheeseburgers and Jokes that Chris Hemsworth and the “Avengers” chef helped Him Swell Up


Celebrity diets can be grueling, as we’ve seen time and time again ahead of upcoming movies like “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Maintaining a superhero physique depends not only on what you do with your body, but also on what you put into it. Marvel Cinematic Universe veteran Chris Pratt understands this pretty well, as he recently openly stated about cutting cheeseburgers and using chef Chris Hemsworth to go on a diet that made him swell.

In the “Eat Like” video accompanying Pratt’s interview for Men’s Health, Pratt shows off his usual mix of goofy humor and serious humble commentary. The man looked back at his career over the years with a special purpose to talk about his eating habits related to his intense fitness regime, which has kept him in shape for many years. The decisive moment in this journey came during the filming of the films “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Finale”, when Chris Pratt told the following story:

When I was in The Avengers, we had so many superheroes together. They all had private chefs, and I thought, “Hey, give me some of this.” So I ended up with Hemsworth’s cook, who cooked me a kangaroo. In two days, I mean, look, my hands are half the size of his.

Kangaroo is not exactly the meat that most say they have encountered, but obviously Chris Pratt believed in it from the first taste. Although Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 stars sounds like he’s joking a bit sometimes, the diet change was exactly what he attributes to shaping up for his action hero phase.

The end result was a body that still rocks big and small screens to this day, even if it resulted in Pratt being unfairly shamed in the process. Continuing to balance on the edge between a joke and not a joke, the actor compared his current eating habits with those he did during his days in parks and recreation areas.

Exaggeration or not, Chris Pratt’s attitude to food has changed quite dramatically. That’s how cheeseburgers appeared, according to the man himself:

I can’t believe I would eat five cheeseburgers for lunch. And it was happiness at that time. Now everything is exactly the opposite. Now it’s boring to eat. But the time between meals I feel fine.

While Chris Pratt’s story mentions the production of two iconic Avengers films as kind of the beginning of his journey to food, the story actually goes back in time. Before he was able to work with coaches or personal chefs, the actor relied on running, a strict diet and an alcohol-free lifestyle to get a role in Moneyball. If not for these efforts, Pratt would have lost the role, as he was considered “too fat” for the role.

So what else does Star Lord do in maintaining his healthy lifestyle? Well, he drinks tons of black coffee and indulges in “healthy fats” like avocados. Of course, this is part of a larger plan that Chris Pratt describes below:

For me, it was just an attempt to get rid of fat. So I practiced intermittent fasting between noon and six o’clock. It was my window to eat. And what was I eating at that time? Pretty much just healthy boring stuff.

Don’t be fooled by Chris Pratt’s results, as this person still knows how to behave. Later in the video, he mentions how he tries not to be so possessive about food, especially when it comes to Pratt snacking on other people’s scraps. And yes, a man really believes in cheats, and dessert is his vice. Considering that The Rock has had some nice cheats over the last couple of months, it feels like a crossover/cooking show that’s just waiting to happen.

If you want to see Chris Pratt in all his hype again, you can wait until next week when he will reappear with Chris Hemsworth in the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Or, if you are a Disney+ subscriber, you can review all of his appearances as a Star Lord in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “The Avengers” films. Think of it as a cheat for your eyes.