Chris Pine Tells Touching Reason Why He Joined Dungeons & Dragons Movie


Chris Pine talks about the touching reason why he joined the movie “Dungeons and Dragons”. Dungeons & Dragons (abbreviated D&D) is a fantasy role–playing game first created in 1974. The game became incredibly successful, despite the brief satanic panic it caused in the 1980s (as viewers saw in season 4 of “Very Strange Things”). continues to be popular over the past few decades. In the late 2010s, D&D’s popularity grew due to the release of the 5th edition of the game in 2014, and since then its success has been steadily growing. The film adaptation has been in development since 2013 and was in limbo for some time until Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves was launched.

Pine is no stranger to big-budget tents, having starred in major franchises such as the rebooted Star Trek films and Wonder Woman films. If successful, Dungeons & Dragons could be another blockbuster series for Pine, as Paramount undoubtedly hopes their investment will be profitable enough to justify a sequel. Since Pine is ready to return as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek 4 in development, some might have thought he would stay away from another major genre picture, but there is a very nice reason why he decided to join.

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At the Dungeons & Dragons SDCC panel, Pine explained why he decided to join the project. Pine says that his nephew is a big fan of D&D, and he used to participate in several campaigns. During the casting of the film, Pine played with his nephew and his family, and Pine says that everyone was very happy to participate in the session. After playing, Pine says that, in his opinion, D& D should be played in every school, because it brings people incredibly closer. Pine went on to say that he joined the Dungeons & Dragons movie to help spread the D&D gospel.

While Dungeons & Dragons caused a brief satanic panic in the 1980s, by the 90s and 2000s D&D had acquired a very niche, “boring” stereotype. However, since the release of the 5th edition, several very popular D&D series have appeared, making the game popular. Web series such as the hits Critical Role and Dimension 20 gather hundreds of thousands of viewers per episode, and the popular D&D Adventure Zone podcast supports an average of about 640,000 listeners.

Over the past few years, but especially since 2014, public opinion about D&D has changed significantly — this is not a game for outsiders, but rather a way to unite people. Although there are several celebrities who have been playing D&D for many years, such as Jack Black, Felicia Day, Anderson Cooper and Joseph Gordon Levitt, Pine hopes that participating in the upcoming D&D movie will encourage more people to learn how to play. Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is set to premiere in less than a year, and it’s great to know that one of its stars is a true fan of the game.


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