Chris Jericho Breaks up MJF Due to Ongoing Contract Issues with AEW


It can be argued that without Chris Jericho, there would be no AEW, so his recent comments about the current problems with MJF contracts are of particular importance. Jericho is the original of All Elite and was arguably their biggest star in North America when the company was founded. Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks demolished houses in NJPW and on the independent stage, but in terms of distracting viewers from WWE, Jericho was the main one who did it.

MJF has also been working at AEW for a long time, although his role has grown over time. While Jericho was considered the first AEW world champion, Friedman was a project of Cody Rhodes and more promising in the early days of the federation. That changed when MJF reached out to Rhodes and it became clear how good he was at the microphone, but that shift also led him to believe he was worth more than the former WWE wrestlers who were lured into monstrous deals. The MJF contract dispute is very public at this stage, and AEW has already used it in an on-screen storyline.

In conversation with Alex McCarthy from Jericho said a lot about the situation with Friedman. “The only thing I will say is that a contract is a contract. If every athlete in every sport wants to be paid more, then what’s the point of having a contract, you know what I mean?” The magician wasn’t quite finished yet, adding later: “MJF 25 [actually 26]. He has a lot to learn. He’s not as good as he thinks…”

These comments by Jericho are especially interesting considering how much he has been involved in the wrestling business during his career. He hinted at this to some extent, but also stressed that when he signs a deal, he sticks to it, even if he thinks he’s worth more than he’s being paid. Jericho says that when his deal with AEW is completed, he knows that there will be some negotiations, but then they will end.

MJF, who has a history of wanting to rework his deals, has not appeared on AEW television since he shot a homemade bomb commercial on June 1. is no longer part of the company’s discovery packages. At the moment, MJF has not been included in any of the builds to the Forbidden Pay-per-view Door, and since the show is only a few days away, it is unlikely that it will end up anywhere on the map. Friedman also hasn’t looked into social media and has mostly kept a low profile for the past few weeks.