Chris Hemsworth’s Cameo from Interceptor Ruined The Perfect Netflix Crossover


Chris Hemsworth’s cameo in “The Interceptor” is one of the highlights of the film, but it also ruled out the perfect Netflix crossover opportunity. The success of Die Hard in 1988 inspired action films for the next decade, many of which borrowed its basic formula. Some of the most notable sequels on the “Die Hard” theme include “Passenger 57”, the films “Under Siege” and “The Rock”. Movies like Die Hard on X largely died out in the late 90s, although there are still success stories from time to time, such as 2013’s The Fall of Olympus.

Every once in a while, a movie seemingly pops out of nowhere to become a big success story, and 2022’s “Interceptor” definitely falls into that category. Few people had even heard of the Netflix exclusive before it hit the platform, but it became a word-of-mouth hit that topped the streamers chart both in the US and in many other countries. “The Interceptor” chose Elsa Pataki for the lead role and seems to be a return to the films inspired by “Die Hard” that reigned in the 90s, where the only main character – in this case Captain Collins Pataki — must save the day from terrorists playing to disable the missile interceptor platform that could stop the planned nuclear attack.

“The Interceptor” may have received mostly mediocre reviews, but Pataki’s energetic acting and the film’s sketchy energy made it a hit no matter what. In “The Interceptor” there is also an uncredited cameo role of Pataki’s husband Chris Hemsworth, who also served as the executive producer of the project. Hemsworth demonstrates the comic techniques he has demonstrated in recent Thor films, in the role of a laid-back salesman in an electronics store. Although the actor is hidden under a thick false beard and glasses, it is still easy to stop him. However, Chris Hemsworth’s cameo role in “The Interceptor” seems to rule out a potential crossover with another unexpected Netflix action movie, “Extraction,” where he played the lead role.

“Evacuation” was another Netflix exclusive, where Hemsworth played a mercenary trying to rescue the kidnapped son of a drug lord. The breathtaking action, sparse story and charismatic image of Hemsworth have led to him becoming one of the biggest films of the service, and the sequel is currently in post-production. In a conversation with Collider, the screenwriter and co-producer of “Extraction” Joe Russo stated that after its success, a shared universe became possible: “I will say this: we are working on creating a universe of films that can potentially explore some other characters from the first film and several new characters, as well as see more historical interactions between the characters.” While future films will no doubt depend on the success of the sequel, it would be easy to see how Collins from “The Interceptor” fits into the world of “Extraction” quite easily, in addition to the fact that Pataki and Hemsworth can work together.

However, the appearance of Hemsworth in the Interceptor will most likely rule out this chance. The tones of “Interceptor” and “Extraction”, which have a well-known ambiguous ending, are also not exactly the same, with the latter being a little sillier and more mocking, but Collins herself would create a strong crossover between them. Given that Chris Hemsworth is not credited with his cameo, there is a chance that Russo — and the audience — may simply not notice his “Interceptor” cameo if we consider the “Evacuation” crossover, although a more likely scenario is that the franchises will go different ways.