Chris Hemsworth went camping with his sons, and kangaroo wrestling was apparently involved


Chris Hemsworth is a lot of things. He is a proud native of Australia, a star of the Marvel cinematic universe and one of the most sought-after stars in all of Hollywood. On top of that, he is also a family man who seems to enjoy the time he spends with his children. A loving dad also doesn’t mind publishing information about some of the walks he spends with his kids. And in the latest issue of the Hemsworth Paternity Chronicles, the actor took his sons on a hike, during which, apparently, there was… a kangaroo fight?

In a recent Instagram post, the 39-year-old actor spoke about the “epic” hike he made with his boys. The star included an A+ slideshow in which he and the children participated in a number of fun activities. From wave surfing to trail biking, MCU veteran and 8-year-old twins Sasha and Tristan (who once dressed up as Thor for their birthday) seem to have had an eventful and fun weekend. And yes, there is a picture of a kangaroo, and I’m still thinking about the “wrestling” aspect.

Of course, there was probably no real “kangaroo fight” during the trip. Anyway, Chris Hemsworth probably just used it as a funny term to describe his band’s encounter with furry creatures. Besides, I’m sure the star will never seriously try to challenge one of them. (I know I wouldn’t.) It’s also worth mentioning that the Bad Times at El Royale alum does have an affinity for these animals. Even one of Hemsworth’s Valentine’s Day gifts to his wife Elsa Pataky featured a kangaroo.

You should love to see an actor enjoying his time with his children, and over the years they have shared some very pleasant memories. Chris Hemsworth spent time with one of his sons during the filming of “Evacuation 2” and shared cute photos of their downtime. Hemsworth, who is also the father of 10-year-old India Rose, also once jokingly wrote about the “perfect family workout” that he and Elsa Pataky developed for their offspring. (And that includes a skateboard and a horse.)

However, in addition to family time, the host still has a job, and fans have seen the release of two high-profile productions in which he plays the main role. In June, the actor celebrated the release of his sci-fi thriller “Spider’s Head” (which is available for streaming on a Netflix subscription). And in July, the long-awaited film “Thor: Love and Thunder” was released in theaters and made a huge impression at the box office.

Sure, Chris Hemsworth is enjoying his success, but he probably values the free time he gets with his loved ones even more. And judging by the expressions of his sons in this last post, it’s fair to assume they’ll like it. With that, maybe they could arrange some more “kangaroo wrestling”. (But seriously, why can’t I get the image of Hemsworth fighting one of these animals out of my head?)

To keep up to date with Chris Hemsort’s on-screen fights, be sure to keep an eye on the schedule of upcoming CinemaBlend films.


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