Chris Hemsworth Thanks For Best Actor 2020


Chris Hemsworth said that all his success as an action star in 2020 would not have been possible without his loyal fans.

Chris Hemsworth was named the 2020 Action Movie Star at the E! People’s Choice Awards.

After claiming the award for his role in the hit Netlfix original film Extraction, Chris thanked fans for their support after taking home the award.

“I want to thank you very much for the People’s Choice Award, it is absolutely fantastic. You guys are the best, thank you to everyone who voted, who got involved, to all the fans, for your support of this movie, everyone for watching the movie, ” Chris said in a video shared on his Instagram on Tuesday.

“We wanted to make a film that was different, unique, exciting, action-packed, but really went beyond… and I think we did it, but none of that was possible without their support. I will always be in your debt. ”

He finished: “It was one of the most incredible experiences I had on set and we are going to try to make a couple more for you.”

Chris is very grateful to Extraction

The 37-year-old Australian actor accompanied the Instagram post with a caption: “Like the narrative in this movie, I pulled victory straight out of the noses of some really good performances.”

“With brute force and chaos and little regard for my own safety or anyone else’s, I advanced to victory only to knock down a bridge and sink to my death … or I … I’m not sure, I’ll have to see the sequel coming soon. ”

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“Thank you all so much for your support on this little indie romantic comedy!” Added Hemsworth.

Chris was up for the award alongside characters like Margot Robbie for Birds of Prey, Chralize Theron for The Old Guard and Will Smith for Bad Boys for Life.

Chris was nominated for two E! People’s Choice Awards for his role as Tyler Rake in 2020’s Extraction: Male Movie Star and 2020’s Action Movie Star.


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