Chris Hemsworth shared photos of Thor’s daughter with a difference of 11 years

ATTENTION: This article contains SPOILERS from the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”.
Chris Hemsworth shares a photo of his daughter from the filming of “Thor” 11 years ago before her appearance in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” The MCU has come a long way since its big launch in 2008 with “Iron Man,” when Robert Downey Jr. breathed life into Tony Stark. Phase 1 was an integral part of what Marvel Studios was planning as they set out to create an interconnected universe based on beloved superheroes. Another key piece of this puzzle was the Thor franchise, in which Chris Hemsworth played the God of Asgard.
Throughout Phase 1-3, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor were the holy trinity standing as the main faces of the MCU. However, everything changes in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Finale, as Iron Man made the ultimate sacrifice to stop Thanos and make the Click. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers eventually gave up his shield and retired as Captain America, and Sam Wilson now holds that title. However, Thor is still here, as Hemsworth has just reprised the role in his fourth film, Thor: Love and Thunder.
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With Thor’s return to the MCU, Thor: Love and Thunder had a special Hemsworth family moment. People who watched “Thor: Love and Thunder” may have recognized one young actress who made her MCU debut. Hemsworth’s daughter, India, played Love, the daughter of Gorr (Christian Bale), who played a key role at the end of the film. To celebrate her MCU debut, Hemsworth posted on Instagram a photo of India on the set of “Thor” for the first time 11 years ago, as well as a photo from the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Check out the photos of Hemsworth and his daughter below.
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In Thor: Love and Thunder, the character of a young Hemsworth is introduced at the beginning of the film, as she and her father Gorr barely survive walking through a barren desert. In the end, Love dies, which puts Gorr on a path leading to becoming the main antagonist of the story. While Gorr becomes a Butcher God, in Thor: Love and Thunder, the villain came to his senses at the 11th hour when he was touched by the love between Thor and Jane. When Jane passed away, Gorr wished for Eternity to return Love and begs Thor to take care of her before she dies. The film ends with Thor adopting Love, and Hemsworth’s two actors now playing father and daughter worthily in the MCU.
As sweet as Hemsworth’s post may be, India isn’t really the only family member to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. His twin sons Sasha and Tristan shared the role of the young Thor in the memoirs, and Elsa Pataki appeared in the image of a she-wolf who was once one of his mistresses. Considering how the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder” ended, if Marvel Studios gets the green light for the movie “Thor 5”, Love will definitely return now that it is a huge part of the life of the god of Asgard.