Chris Hemsworth Reveals If He Wanted Love and Love Thunder to Revive Loki


Chris Hemsworth says he would like to bring Loki back in Thor: Love and Thunder. The God of Thunder has officially returned to the big screen thanks to the Taiki Waititi film. In his new adventure, Thor must not only prepare for a fight with the Butcher God Gorr (Christian Bale), but also to reunite with his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).

“Thor: Love and Thunder”, which takes place after the “Infinity Saga”, marks the reunion of the audience with the God of Thunder after the defeat of Thanos (Josh Brolin). It’s unclear how much time has passed since Avengers: Finale, but the New Asgard seems to be thriving. So, when the chance came to go hunting for Gorr, the butcher god, King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) was more than willing to team up with Thor and the Mighty Thor Jane Foster. One ally conspicuously absent from all of this is Loki, whose version of the Sacred Timeline remains dead after his demise at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War at the hands of Thanos (Josh Brolin).

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During a Q&A session with Twitter Movies, Hemsworth was asked if there was a character he wanted to resurrect from the dead for his new sequel. Knowing exactly what the fan meant by Loki, the actor’s response revolves around the God of Mischief, saying that since “Thor: Love and Thunder” is already a full-fledged comedy, the re-resurrection of the God of Mischief may be overboard. Waititi supports this, saying that this may be the only thing that will finally break the film. Check out their quotes below:

Hemsworth: Although it was, you know, a comedy — a romantic comedy, but a comedy — it would be too much fun if Loki rose from the dead again.

Waititi: Maybe it was one additional element that would have broken the film.

Hemsworth: So, no. [Laughs]

Waititi had long warned fans that Loki would not be in Thor: Love and Thunder, but some continued to hope that the God of Mischief would appear, and that the director was just bluffing. Be that as it may, although Loki’s Sacred timeline is dead, his variant still exists, headlining his own Disney+ show, Loki. He can’t just go back to the main Marvel cinematic universe and reunite with Thor, because Loki is somewhere out of time, dealing with Time Change Control (TVA) and Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors) after the death of the One Who Remains, outside. of what is happening on the Sacred Time Line. Thor doesn’t notice all this. For him, his brother is dead, and he pays homage to him with his newest tattoo on his back in the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

Hemsworth and Waititi were clearly joking when they answered the question, but for some reason it makes sense. Loki’s return in an already crowded “Thor: Love and Thunder” may be too much. Between Gorr, the butcher god, and the corresponding Jane Foster story, combined with Thor’s own arch, there really isn’t a need to include Loki in the narrative, especially if the movie has to go so far as to resurrect him. In any case, since both Princes of Asgard are still active in the MCU, there are many other possibilities to finally reunite them.