Chris Hemsworth looks cool as a cucumber on the “Love and Thunder” red carpet, but this is Thor’s fan cosplay, which I’m very impressed with


Getting into the press and at events for an upcoming film such as “Thor: Love and Thunder”, the actors involved in the production, of course, should look comfortable. Similarly, some fans with awesome cosplay are expected to show up to support the movie. While Chris Hemsworth really looked cool as a cucumber on the red carpet of the recent Hollywood premiere, these cosplayers were also very impressive. In fact, it was Odinson who recently brought to the fore these devoted followers of the Scandinavian god of the Marvel cinematic universe.

The man himself deserves praise for his confident gait in a pale blue suit, which is complemented by his wife Elsa Pataky, and in an impeccable white dress that she wore to the premiere. When Chris Hemsworth congratulated fans with love on his Instagram, the Australian actor stressed that without their support, “Thor: Love and Thunder” could never have taken place.

In the excerpts provided by the actor beloved by fans, you can see a couple of versions of Thor, both from “Ragnarok” and from the last chapter of the saga directed by Taika Waititi. Not to mention there’s Hela, Nebula, and even a variant of Loki inspired by his Disney+ series bending the multiverse. The perfect blow, of course, was Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, fully dressed in the regalia of the Mighty Thor, who also appeared at the party in brilliant detail.

As expected, the fans really outdid themselves in this, and that says a lot. Marvel fans have recreated things like Doctor Strange’s Levitation Cloak in the past, and these images inspired by Love and Thunder are right up there with that effort. Chris Hemsworth himself said that it’s the love of adventure that makes people invest enough to do such things.

Which is not only beautiful, but also shows how much this franchise still has an impact on the MCU as a whole. No one wears that much paint on their face or armor under the hot California sun unless they’re dedicated. Both the stylist and the amateur equally deserve praise for what we have seen above, as it all comes from the ethic of doing everything possible to protect Thor, and gives us all something to be surprised by.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” also won over critics, as the initial reaction to the fourth Thor film was quite favorable. As further screenings and public debuts take place, we will naturally get a broader picture of what the consensus on the film might actually be.

At the moment, Chris Hemsworth and the fans are all excited, ready to return to the cinemas and see how wild and strange the next part will be. Not to mention that questions may arise in the process, for example, what is the real name of the Valkyrie? Soon everyone will be able to see “Thor: Love and Thunder”, as the film is due to be released in theaters on July 8.

Comic book fans who want to appreciate the long-term landscape of the MCU can do so by watching the upcoming Marvel Movie review. And, of course, if you want to go back to Chris Hemsworth’s previous adventures in Thor, all of them are available to Disney+ subscribers at the time of writing this article.