Chris Hemsworth from Love And Thunder shared a new photo of a fat Thor, but He Has an Ulterior motive


The fourth phase of the Marvel cinematic universe keeps fans on their toes thanks to new television and film projects that include many shocking twists. Taika Waititi’s recent release “Thor: Love and Thunder” was no exception: the main character is going through a new grief and in the process finds a new family unit. Chris Hemsworth recently shared a new photo of a fat Thor, but he has ulterior motives.

One of the constant jokes in “Avengers: Finale” was that Thor fell into a deep depression and gained a little weight over a five-year time jump. Affectionately called Bro Thor, this appearance quickly disappeared thanks to the installation of the training in “Love and Thunder”. But Chris Hemsworth offered fans another look at the character while promoting his fitness app.

If only a training plan could help a person get into such a killer shape so quickly. But it’s obvious that the Centr app works for Chris Hemsworth, who is known for being completely ripped off in projects like “Thor” and “Evacuation.” Let’s take a look at this funny post from a 38-year-old actor.

The image above offers a glimpse of Thor’s Bro, or as I like to call him: Tick Hemsworth. This comes from the set of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, especially in the episode where the Avenger begins to return to form. He cheerfully performs exercises such as towing the Benatar Guardian Ship to return to his typical god-like physique. And all that work paid off, as Thor was arguably his biggest in the latest blockbuster.

The second image shows the fruits of Thor’s labor in the universe. Namely, through the already infamous Chris Hemsworth nude scene, which takes place in Taika Waititi’s film “Love and Thunder”. This episode was included in the first trailer of the film, which has been reviewed countless times, despite the blurring of Hemsworth’s back. Of course, those who watched the movie in cinemas were able to see how torn the actor really is.

Fitness is certainly an important part of Chris Hemsworth’s life, and the actor regularly shares photos of progress and hints at exactly how he became so massive. So it makes a lot of sense that he can try to do business on this passion: enter Centr. Because who wouldn’t want to look like a Thunder God if they could? Although it is obvious that he spends a lot of hours in the gym to become so bloated.

While Thor 4 is officially shown from behind, Chris Hemsworth fans will see him flex his fighting muscles (literally) as the protagonist of another franchise. “Extraction 2” is complete and is expected to appear on Netflix sometime this year, which should put it in front of more dizzying action scenes. Only Tyler Rake doesn’t have the luxury of superpowers.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” is still in theaters, and “Black Panther 2” will follow suit on November 11. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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