Chris Hemsworth experiments with Miles Teller in a clip from the movie “Spider’s Head”


In the first clip from the original Netflix movie “Spider’s Head,” Chris Hemsworth experiments with Miles Teller. Spiderhead is based on a short story by George Saunders, first published in 2010 in The New Yorker. It follows a brilliant visionary (Hemsworth) who runs a correctional facility that shortens prisoners’ sentences by allowing them to participate in mind-altering drug trials. However, the experiments begin to go too far, forcing the subjects to react violently, sexually and deviantly. Eventually, this leads to one of the cellmates, Jeff (Teller), trying to outsmart the experiments and help save cellmate Lizzie (Jerny Smollett).

“Spider’s Head” was directed by Joseph Kosinski from Top Gun: Maverick based on a script by Rita Reese from Deadpool and Paul Wernick. The film’s star-studded cast includes Hemsworth, Teller and Smollett, as well as Charles Parnell, Tess Hobrich, Nathan Jones and Bibi Betancourt. Since Kosinski’s “Maverick” has just been released and received critical acclaim and broke several box office records, the difference between the director’s two recent feature-length projects is only a month. While this is rare for most filmmakers, it certainly bodes well for Spiderhead’s potential audience, as both the star power of Hemsworth and Teller and the huge success of Top Gun 2 are likely to attract viewers.

In a new clip from Spiderhead released on Netflix during Geeked Week, Hemsworth scientist Steve Abnes conducts a test on Teller and Haubrich. However, as soon as drugs are added, everything takes a very interesting turn. What begins as a funny meeting between two people turns into a frenzied attraction when Hemsworth and his team watch what is happening. An exciting scene gives an idea of what the sci-fi story of Spiderhead is fraught with, teasing the psychological aspects of the thriller and a narrative that touches on complex issues of morality and ethics. Watch the full clip below:

Hemsworth had a good partnership with Netflix, as he directed the “Extraction” franchise, the first part of which became a big hit for the streamer. And while “Evacuation 2” is due out later this year, and “Thor: Love and Thunder” debuts next month, “Spider’s Head” ends an already busy year for Hemsworth. However, seeing the actor in a much more restrained role in this Spider-Head clip certainly represents an interesting departure from the heavy roles that Hemsworth is often associated with. Instead, the main role of Spider-Man, a somewhat morally ambiguous scientist, demonstrates a completely different and darker side of the actor.

The spider’s head stands out compared to Kosinski’s previous works, including “Tron: Legacy”, “Oblivion”, “Only the Brave” and “Best Shooter: Maverick”, which creates a unique and diverse filmography that often relies on science fiction as well as real events. world characters. In addition, this is Kosinski’s third film with Teller, demonstrating the long-standing partnership between the actor and director and promising a strong performance by the star of Top Gun 2. Based on this new clip, “Spider’s Head” could be a compelling adaptation of Saunders’ original story, made even better by Kosinski’s honed style and magnetic cast.