Chris Hemsworth (Avengers Endgame) married: Elsa Pataky balances on her faults!


Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky share an idyllic relationship for 10 years now, the Spanish actress has also entrusted on the small defects of her beloved husband! We tell you!

Indeed, Chris Hemsworth lives the great love with Elsa Pataky, it must be said that it is family to maintain such long relationships. Because his little brother Liam Hemsworth had also remained ten years with Miley Cyrus, but with several cuts. Besides, Chris has been supporting Liam since his divorce, as his wife had said. In the meantime everything seems to be rolling for the little brother who is already dating someone.

Chris is often the target of the media, especially about his relationship. While both spouses regularly prove that they are a strong couple despite the rumors! It is not only that people are mistaken, many think that her husband is perfect! But the actress has decided to restore the truth!

Indeed, Chris Hemsworth is not that perfect! While on the radio The Kyle and Jackie O Show the young woman did not hesitate to swing everything. “He has a great sense of humor! She explains before continuing. “But when he gets angry, he gets really angry. He does this face when he wakes up in the morning and is angry … We can see his eyebrows make a strange shape and there I say to myself, “Oh, oh! Says Elsa, which did not fail to make the animators laugh.

Then Chris Hemsworth’s wife goes on with a story. “Recently, we were cycling with our kids when a man nearly got into the bike of one of our kids with his car and was scared. Chris has lost his temper. He asked her to get out of the car. Otherwise, it takes a lot longer than me to get ready. I often catch him looking in the mirror. He cooks too, he is very creative. Some of his dishes can be very good when others are impossible to swallow! She said, hilarious revelations!


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