Chris Hemsworth almost destroyed before Hollywood


Before becoming the star he is today, Chris Hemsworth struggled, even to the point of having money problems.

We know that Chris Hemsworth, who is very popular with his co-stars, is particularly nice. He is also one of the most popular stars in Hollywood. Even more since he took on the role of Thor in the Marvel franchise. A character who allowed him to launch his career and to carve out a prominent place in the industry. But the road to success has not been smooth. Interviewed by Variety magazine in 2019, Liam Hemsworth’s brother revealed that he almost stopped everything: “I remember a year when I had an audition just after Christmas, and things didn’t go well. didn’t call me back and got horrible feedback. I was like ‘My God, why am I doing this?’ ”

At the time, Chris Hemsworth also had a small crossing of the desert during which he chained the disappointments. “I almost landed the roles of GI Joe and Gambit in the films of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine saga. At that time, I was upset. I was running out of money. But if I had played. one of his characters, I could not have played Thor “he confided to the American media. The pretty suite, we know it. The handsome Australian started to break into the big screen and is now one of the highest paid actors. A beautiful course of which he can be proud. And for ever more topicality, the editor of melty reveals an improbable anecdote that you may not know about Chris Hemsworth.

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