Chris Godwin will Miss Time: NFL World Reaction


Many were surprised to see Chris Godwin return from a season-ending anterior cruciate ligament tear for the Bucks’ first game Sunday night. But unfortunately, it looks like he will be sidelined again.

Tom Pelissero from , who left the game early due to a hamstring injury, reports that the Pro Bowl receiver will be forced to miss more time.

Per Pelissero:

Bucs WR Chris Godwin suffered a hamstring strain on Sunday night and, according to a source, is likely to miss some time. There is optimism that it is not a serious injury, but Godwin may miss a few weeks.”

The NFL world reacted to the injury report on social media.

“I came back too early. It’s simple,” the physiotherapist said. “Hamstring strength is important after PKS. Controls the movement of the tibia. You also need a concentric, eccentric and isometric force.”

“It’s so frustrating for Chris. I hope it’s not too serious,” the Penn State account commented.

“If you told Bucs fans they wouldn’t see Godwin until the fifth or sixth week, they’d be happy,” another tweeted. “The good news is that it wasn’t a knee and he can still rest and progress before he needs to be relied on.”

“Chris Godwin stressed that it is important for him to play at the end of the season when it matters. As long as it’s on the table, the Bucks are built to withstand WR’s punches a little better this year,” Evan Klosky replied.

It is to be hoped that Godwin has not been away too long.


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