Chris Evans would have gone into space if he had been invited by Jeff Bezos from Amazon


Chris Evans would “definitely” go into space if Jeff Bezos from Amazon invited him. Becoming a worldwide celebrity thanks to his work as Steve Rogers/Captain America in the Marvel cinematic universe, Evans focused on other projects after leaving the franchise. He played a memorable role in the Ryan Johnson film “Get Knives”, and then starred in the Apple TV+ miniseries “Protecting Jacob”, of which he was also an executive producer. Evans will then reunite with “Avengers: Finale” directors Joe and Anthony Russo for the filming of the thriller “The Grey Man,” which is released on Netflix in July.

Right now Evans is busy promoting Lightyear, a spin-off of Toy Story, where he voices the main character. It focuses on the origin story of Buzz, in which he finds himself trapped on an unfamiliar planet and tries to return home. So far, Lightyear has received mostly positive reviews, with critics praising the engaging animation and acting of the voice actors, including Evans.

Link:┬áChris Evans More Than Justifies Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear Makeover

In an interview with MTV News in honor of Lightyear, Evans was asked about his personal feelings about space travel, in particular, would he be interested in participating if Bezos invited him. Read what Evans said below:

I would absolutely agree. I mean, I’m dying to go into space. I’m a huge, huge space nerd. For me, the idea of space, the concept of what is outside, overwhelms me, but brings an incredible sense of peace and perspective. And you know, I find a lot of peace in such insignificance. So for me, going into space would be a dream.

Since space plays a big role in Lightyear, it’s no surprise that Evans was asked about his feelings about space travel. However, this film is not the only one in which Evans starred, in which celestial beings are involved. The MCU often explores space, especially in the last few years. Evans’ Captain America even went to space for the first time at the beginning of Avengers: Finale, when he and the other surviving Avengers went after Thanos after the click. Although Steve wasn’t too keen on spaceship travel at the time, it’s clear that Evans thinks differently.

Although it’s funny to hear an actor talk with such enthusiasm about the possibility of visiting space, there is nothing surprising in his mouth. Evans is well known for speaking openly about what interests him and what he is passionate about, both on social media and in interviews. Flying into space may seem like a pipe dream to Evans, but it is quite possible. Earlier this year, fellow actor Pete Davidson was going to visit space through Bezos’ space company Blue Origin, but was forced to abandon due to scheduling problems. Perhaps Chris Evans can be invited to a similar trip in the future, especially now that he has shown interest in space travel.