Chris Evans, who caught Henry Cavill stuffing Cookies into His Mouth at the Oscars, is Pure Meme Material


Have you ever experienced a feeling in your chest when you see two of the most beautiful men in front of your eyes? This is how Chris Evans and Henry Cavill look together. It becomes even more interesting to see that they both played the roles of superheroes, and they are almost perfect in everything. Their looks are fantastic, they are wonderful actors, and their physique is undoubtedly great. So, what else can fans want to see when they can put these two next to each other?

Fortunately, the Oscar is the only place where such wonderful moments happen. As you know, the scene of the Academy Award ceremony is known for its stories about both happy and sad times. One of these exciting moments is the case when Evans caught Cavill stuffing his mouth with cookies at the Oscar ceremony.

Henry Cavill was caught red-handed during the ceremony by Chris Evans

At the Academy Awards in 2016, fans saw Henry Cavill and Chris Evans coming to the ceremony in black suits. The moment their photos were posted, fans fainted as they looked amazing in one shot. A video of a funny conversation between these two celebrities has become pure meme material for fans.

During the award ceremony, the “Get Knives” star turned around and saw Cavill stuffing his mouth with cookies. Chris Evans laughed, looking at the actor’s face, who was caught sneaking a snack in time because he was hungry.

The Witcher actor also had a funny smile when this little moment went viral on the Internet. Fans made crazy memes after this beautiful superhero romance during the Oscar ceremony. Well, no one, of course, can blame the actor, since the awards ceremony is a lengthy event. So Henry Cavill saved himself by eating Scout cookies, as dinner was served after the ceremony.

Meanwhile, both actors were seen with beards and looked like brothers, as they both have blue eyes, similar hair color and clearly impeccable style.


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