Chris Evans takes advantage of his photo mayhem


Chris Evans was the protagonist on social networks this weekend by mistakenly sharing an intimate photograph, but the Marvel star, far from hiding out of shame, took advantage of this uproar to encourage the vote for the next presidential elections in the United States. “Now that I have your attention … vote on November 3!”, The actor quipped on Twitter, where he has 14 million followers and where he is very active on political issues (a great critic of US President Donald Trump).

The message has triumphed in the networks and has already accumulated more than a million “likes” and was retweeted by thousands of accounts.

Evans, who played Captain America in Disney movies about Marvel superheroes, mistakenly posted a picture of his manhood this weekend. Although the photography caused all kinds of comments and jokes on the networks and made the actor a world trend, there were also numerous fans of Evans who posted a large number of messages about the artist to “cover up” the controversy and try to “hide” thus that image.

This tactic, common in the networks when changing the course of a public conversation about a person or a particular topic, was applauded by actress Kat Dennings, who, however, also contributed a reflection on the matter. “The public respect for the privacy and feelings of Chris Evans is wonderful. Wouldn’t it also be good if it were extended to women when something like this happens to them? “, Commented on Twitter this actress known for the series” 2 Broke Girls “and” Dollface “and that within the Marvel saga she played Darcy Lewis in the plot about Thor.

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Evans himself took his mistake sportily. «It was an interesting weekend full of lessons learned. A lot of learning moments, “he ironized today on” The Tamron Hall Show. ” «It was embarrassing, but you have to know how to take the blows. But I have fantastic fans who came to my support, “he added.


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