Chris Evans Spoke about the Amazing Marvel Villains He Would Like to Play in the MCU


Chris Evans chooses the Marvel villain he would most like to play if he could, and his answer is very surprising. Debuting in 2011 in the movie “The First Avenger: The First Avenger” as the MCU’s star avenger, Evans continued to play this role for almost 10 years in several films, including all four “Avengers” films. He ended his stint as Steve Rogers in the 2019 Avengers: Finale, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. Since then, he has been busy working on other projects outside of the MCU, including his latest Pixar’s Lightyear film. But, thanks to his well-received role as Captain America, he’s still connected to the Marvel franchise, even if it’s been a few years since he left the universe.

Rumors of Evans’ return to the MCU had been circulating for quite some time, and many believed that exploring the multiverse in Phase 4 was the perfect way to bring Cap back into their ranks. Evans said he was ready to come back, but if he came back as Steve Rogers, the story would be worth it. However, he said he would be ready to return as his character from the Fantastic Four, the Human Torch, also known as Johnny Storm, while some called for him to play the Hydra Cap, an evil iteration of the Man studded with stars. However, if he had the chance, choosing a villain to be played by Evans would be a very unexpected choice.

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When asked by Buzzfeed Celebrity if there was a Marvel villain he would like to play, given the opportunity, Evans chose Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. The actor explains that this is because it seems very funny to animate the God of Mischief. Read Evans’ full answer below:

If I can play any Marvel villain… Loki seems to be having the most fun.

Given Loki’s tenure in the MCU and Hiddleston’s work over the years, it seems like portraying the character is a blast. Watching a character in various shows is one thing, but it’s worth remembering that Evans knows firsthand how wonderful it can be, since he worked with Hiddleston a couple of times in the MCU, especially in The Avengers, where the Prince of Asgard is perhaps the most mischievous. They shared some scenes again in “Avengers: Finale” during a robbery in New York. In addition, in the deleted scene “Thor: Kingdom of Darkness” Evans is depicted as Captain America, playing a disguised Loki.

After leaving the MCU, there were several rumors about Evans returning to the role of Captain America. Obviously, none of them worked, and given that Sam Wilson is the new Captain America in the MCU, there’s a chance it could be a long time before that actually happens. But that doesn’t mean fans can’t imagine Evans as a kind of Loki variant, especially after the creation of the Marvel multiverse. As you can see from the show “Loki”, the options can be very different, so technically this idea can work. Unfortunately, this may not be what Marvel Studios wants to do.