Chris Evans sang at the audition of the remake of “Shop of horrors”


Chris Evans says that he actually performed the song to listen to the remake of “Shop of Horrors“. The history of the musical is long and tortuous. The original 1960 cult film about an uncouth young man named Seymour confronted with a man-eating plant was shot by Roger Corman within one week. Then “Shop of Horrors” was adapted for an off-broadway musical in 1982 by the future duo “The Little Mermaid”, consisting of lyricist Howard Ashman and composer Alan Menken. This stage performance was mounted as a theatrical film by Muppet graduate Frank Oz in 1986 starring Rick Moranis as Seymour, Ellen Green as his beloved Audrey, Levi Stubbs of The Four Tops as Audrey II’s plant and Steve Martin as Audrey’s dentist. Orin Scrivello’s boyfriend.

Back in January 2020, it was announced that Warner Bros. He will mount a remake of the film musical directed by Greg Berlanti under the direction of Arrowverse and produced by Berlanti together with Marc Platt and David Geffen. Initially, the cast was announced: the star of “Rocketman” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service” Taron Egerton as Seymour, Scarlett Johansson from “Black Widow” as Audrey and the outstanding Billy Porter as Audrey II. Johansson’s MCU colleague Evans, who had already left the Marvel franchise after Avengers: Finale, was invited to play the role of a sadistic dentist. Although it seemed like it was moving forward, last May the remake of “Shop of Horrors” was postponed indefinitely.

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During an interview with MTV News about his new Pixar movie “Lightyear”, Evans spoke a little about his disappointment that the remake of “Shop of Horrors” did not appear. Due to the pandemic and budget considerations, the project was closed, but the actor revealed that he was thinking about teasing Warner Bros. by sharing his audition tape for the musical on social media. He says that “I sang a dentist’s song at an audition,” and that “The Shop” is his “favorite musical.” Read his full quote below:

This is my favorite musical. I was even thinking of publishing my audition. Just to stir the pot…

I sang the song “Dentist” at the audition. I have this on my phone and I always think, is it crazy to post this?

The dentist’s song in a Small Horror Shop will certainly be a starting point for Evans after playing the noble hero on screen in films for so long Captain America. The song is a satirical glorification of a violent sociopath who finds his vocation in torturing patients as a dentist. Steve Martin proved that an experienced villainous actor is not needed for this role, but it still shocks people who are familiar with him only from his roles in the MCU.

Although fans were divided on whether a remake of “Shop of Horrors” was a good idea, Evans certainly should have finally published the audition video he kept. The actor had no experience singing on screen, so it would be interesting to see if he is suitable for this role at all. And given that Evans calls it his favorite musical, it would be interesting to see what he would bring to the project.