Chris Evans’ reaction to Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter in Doctor Strange 2


The fourth phase of the MCU was banana, and the filmmakers greatly expanded the narrative with television and film projects. The latest project released in theaters is “Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness” by Sam Raimi, which presents an alternate universe with Marvel’s “Illuminati”. This includes Harley Atwell bringing Captain Carter to life for the first time in live action. And now Chris Evans has reacted to her taking the shield in Doctor Strange 2.

In the middle of the sequel to Doctor Strange, the protagonist Benedict Cumberbatch and America Chavez Sochitla Gomez go to Earth-838 and face the Illuminati. The ill-fated team includes Captain Carter Hayley Atwell, who played a small but cool role in the blockbuster. Chris Evans was recently asked by MTV about his co-star holding a shield on the big screen, to which he said:

I haven’t seen [Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness] yet, but I’ve heard. I mean, she’s perfect for that. … She’s really just one of the best actresses I’ve ever worked with, and just one of the most wonderful people. So I couldn’t be happier for her.

Well, that’s it. Although Chris Evans didn’t actually get to see Hayley Atwell play Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness, he seems thrilled that his frequent Marvel movie partner got the chance to cast the shield in live action. Hopefully he’ll be able to film her big scene (and gruesome death) when the movie hits Disney+ soon.

Hayley Atwell has had an exciting stay in the MCU with big and small roles. After starring in the movie “The First Avenger: The First Avenger”, she was given a short-lived additional series on ABC called “Agent Carter”. She eventually reprised her role as Peggy in small roles in the films The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Finale, as well as Ant-Man. Although Atwell’s last appearance gave her superpowers, Cap’s shield and a fancy jetpack.

As a superhero, Captain Carter made his debut during the premiere of the Disney+ animated series “What If…?” This episode received universal acclaim, and fans were thrilled that Hayley Atwell voiced her character character for the occasion. And that’s why her live appearance in Doctor Strange 2 was very exciting for Marvel fans in the audience. It remains to be seen if Atwell will get the chance to play Captain Carter again; she certainly made a splash in the Illuminati scenes.

As for the MCU’s main timeline, the man who actually takes on the mantle of Captain America is none other than Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson. Fans were able to see this transition before our eyes in the TV series “Falcon” and “Winter Soldier” before Captain America 4 was ordered with Maki in the title role. Chris Evans seems just as excited that his co-star got the chance to take over the mantle in the main timeline.

The next part of the MCU — “Thor: Love and Thunder” — will be released on July 8. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.