Chris Evans More Than Justifies Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear Makeover


Chris Evans’ performance in Lightyear more than justifies Pixar remaking him with the voice of Buzz from Tim Allen. Directed by Angus MacLaine in his feature-length debut, the additional film tells about the brazen attempts of the “real” space ranger Buzz Lightyear to atone for his mistake and lead the return of his team home. As Pixar expands the Toy Story brand by introducing Buzz’s origin story, the blockbuster in-universe also features a new cast of actors and characters. While Tim Allen has already established himself as the voice of Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story series, Chris Evans leads the voice actors of Lightyear — a remake that is easily confirmed by his performance.

Lightyear was the first Pixar film released exclusively in theaters after the COVID-19 pandemic began. The premiere of the studio’s films over the past two years — “Soul”, “Luke” and “Blushes” — took place directly on Disney+ in order to increase the popularity and profit of the streaming service. Lightyear then bears the burden of becoming Pixar’s first blockbuster since the landscape of the film industry changed. However, since Lightyear is still a part of the Toy Story universe as a source of inspiration for creating astronaut figurines, he has the potential to become a box office success, especially among devoted fans of the franchise.

Although Chris Evans’ film has already received mostly positive reviews, nevertheless, Lightyear’s reviews are mixed by the standards of Toy Story. It is currently the lowest-rated film in the animated franchise, and critics point out that it did not live up to expectations due to a confusing plot, an unspecified goal and a slow melancholic production. Nevertheless, Lightyear is praised for its breathtaking animation and emotional voice acting. Despite the fact that Tim Allen was not the voice of Buzz in the film, Lightyear still presents an outstanding origin story, especially thanks to Evans’ performance.

Why Lightyear Is Remaking Tim Allen’s Buzz with Chris Evans

Ever since Toy Story premiered in 1995, Tim Allen has been an invaluable part of the original cast, voicing Buzz Lightyear. He repeated his performance throughout the series, but when Lightyear was announced, the main role went to Chris Evans. Thus, there have been suggestions that Lightyear is remaking Tim Allen, with some theories claiming that Allen’s political leanings and his involvement in recent controversies are the reason.

However, McLane shared that Evans, best known for playing Captain America in the Marvel cinematic universe, was his only choice for the project. Since Light Year is the movie in the universe that inspired the toy—Allen Buzz—a different actor was needed to distinguish both iterations. Moreover, McLane’s decision was based on whether he thought the actor could play Buzz in a feature film. He felt that Evans had the star power and authority needed to embody the character, and his choice of actors was indisputable.

What is the difference between Chris Evans’ Buzz Lightyear and Tim Allen

Playing the role of Buzz Lightyear for more than two decades, Tim Allen introduced the Space Ranger toy to the world. But when creating Lightyear, not Toy Story 5, Pixar hired Chris Evans not only to avoid confusion between the two versions, but also to give the film a more appropriate tone. Although Allen’s performance will forever remain iconic, his slightly ignorant and comically exaggerated approach does not match the more serious feeling that Lightyear was aiming for.

As Evans portrayed Buzz’s man, his vocal performance offered a more nuanced interpretation. He showed the character more layers, exposing Buzz Lightyear’s vulnerability, going through various emotions, including his unwavering bravado, guilt-ridden anger, and satisfaction-filled epiphany. Unlike Buzz Allen, who contributes to the comic relief of the franchise due to his inability to accept his reality as a toy, Buzz Evans in the tradition-breaking Lightyear is a man who needs to face the consequences of his actions. Evans skillfully guides Buzz Lightyear on this journey, acknowledging his shortcomings and overcoming them thanks to the unconditional support of his friends.

Chris Evans’ performance More than Justifies the Lightyear Makeover

Indeed, Chris Evans has big tasks, but his game more than justifies the alteration of the Lightyear. By bringing his acting experience into the mix, he can take a fresh look at a character beloved by generations. His time in the MCU led him to portray a hero out of time, whose central character is shaped by his sense of leadership and responsibility. In addition to confirming his experience in serious combat roles, Evans also has a long history with comedic and dramatic roles. He has the right balance of humor and seriousness, which makes him perfect for a Lightyear.