Chris Evans Explains Why His Captain America Comeback Can Be Frustrating


The Marvel cinematic universe is a giant force in the entertainment world, but in the early stages of the first phase, it was a big risk. Chris Evans has been there before, starring in Captain America: The First Avenger before moving on to the original Avengers movie. His tenure as Steve Rogers ended with the movie “Avengers: Finale”, when the beloved hero finally got his happy ending with Peggy. And now Evans has explained why his Captain America comeback could be “upsetting.”

Although Chris Evans’ contract with Marvel Studios has expired, some fans were hoping to see him return as Steve Rogers in the future. After the “Finale” Sam Wilson from Anthony Mackie became the new Captain America. Recently, D23 asked Evans about the possibility of taking up the shield again, and he answered honestly:

No, I don’t think so. I mean, it was a really incredible ride, and the character is so dear to me, and I cherish him so much. Returning to the role, I mean, the truth is that the role is no longer mine. The role belongs to Anthony Mackie. So, you know, even if there was another incarnation, not as Captain America, but you know, for Steve Rogers, even that would be… I would be very careful, just because I love this chapter of my life professionally, personally. I love what these films have done, and revisiting them and potentially having some weird continuation of that legacy would be upsetting if it didn’t land. So this will require an almost perfect recipe, and it may simply not be in the cards.

Here it is. It seems Chris Evans doesn’t want to step on his heels by returning to the Marvel cinematic universe. Anthony Mackie is just beginning his tenure as Captain America, so the appearance of Evans may stop this storyline before it begins. Moreover, the “Get Knives” actor seems to be happy with his decade playing Steve Rogers on the big screen.

Chris Evans’ comments came as he was promoting his role by voicing the main character of the Disney Lightyear. Eventually the conversation turned to his famous MCU performance, and fans hoped to see him on the big screen again. But it looks like we shouldn’t hold our breath for his First Avenger to appear in a future Captain America movie.

In the first few phases of the MCU, Robert Downey Jr.’s “Iron Man” and Chris Evans’ “Captain America” helped drive the overall narrative, especially crossover projects such as “Civil War” and the “Avengers” films. Both of their runs ended with “Avengers: Finale,” but that didn’t stop fans from hoping to see a couple of stars of the first magnitude in their main roles sometime in the future.

“Lightyear” is in theaters now, and the next part of the MCU “Thor: Love and Thunder” will be released on July 8. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.