Chris Evans explains why he finally joined Instagram

Chris Evans

Chris Evans finally decided to address why he joined Instagram. She caught up with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to talk about a lot of things and the ‘Gram came up. At first, it seemed like the new account came out of nowhere. But it turns out that Evans’ Dodger dog is a great motivating force.

But yes, these are the things you do when you are bored at home. Fallon asked Evans about his quarantined life, but joked that he had an idea of what was going on through Evans’ Instagram.

“Yes, I don’t know what it was. I do not know. I guess I gave in, ”joked the star. “I feel like such an old man. I’m so late for the party. Know what it is? I had too many good photos of my dog. It was as if these were wasted on my phone. I have to put this somewhere. ”

Earlier this month, the Captain America star said he may have already regretted his decision to log into the app. Scammers, Photoshoppers, and more mischief will find ways to make things a little difficult for people everywhere.

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Just woke up to this pillow hog

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“I have not sent DM to anyone at IG. People tell me the Photoshop elves are already working, ”Evans said on Twitter. “I was woken up with a notice saying that my new IG account was suspended due to unusual activity. Do I already regret this?

Evans joined the rest of the original Avengers to participate in the All In Challenge. This is raising awareness of food banks and charities that need help due to the current pandemic.


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