Chris Evans’ Dog was wearing One of the Actor’s Wrinkled Grey Man Shirts, and It’s Adorable


After his last appearance as the heroic Steve Rogers/Captain America in “Avengers: Finale” Chris Evans had several opportunities to play villains in movies, and stylish ones. The sweaters he wore in the role of Ransom Drysdale from “Get Knives” conquered the Internet, and the actor also wore beautiful shirts when he played Lloyd Hansen in “The Gray Man.” As for the latest Netflix movie, one of Evans’ shirts was accidentally squeezed during production, and Evans made good use of it by putting it on his dog, and got amazing results!

It would be easy enough for the wardrobe department to throw this shrunken shirt in the trash, but as Chris Evans explained in his Instagram post, he decided to make lemonade from lemons by putting the shirt on his adorable dog Dodger. As you will see below, the puppy looks quite dapper in these threads.

While the tear on the back of the shirt was probably necessary to make sure it would fit Dodger, the end result is very cute! And I’m not the only one who thinks so, since the comments section of Chris Evans’ post is filled with people who praise the dog’s appearance, including Jeremy Renner, the MCU star who called him a “beautiful boy”, and Octavia Spencer, who played along with Evans in the title role. Gifted 2017, saying that Dodger “looks great, like little Lloyd!” Julia Butters, who also starred in “The Gray Man,” even said she would like to buy one of these shirts for her cat. I think Evans should think about releasing some kind of pet clothing line.

Along with how cute Dodger looks in a wrinkled shirt from The Grey Man, we can also take comfort in knowing that he is not a force of evil like Lloyd Hansen in the movie. Chris Evans’ sociopathic character is a former CIA operative who now works in the private sector and is hired to track down courtier Ryan Gosling, also known as Sierra Six, who was forced to flee after revealing dark secrets about one of the agency’s high—ranking officials. – high-ranking officials. Lloyd Evans may have had a keen taste in fashion, but while watching The Grey Man, it becomes clear that this is really the only redeeming trait of the character.

Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling and Julia Butters were joined in The Grey Man by Jean Page, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick, Billy Bob Thornton, Alfrey Woodard, Dhanush and Wagner Moura and others. The film was directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, with the former also co-writing the screenplay with Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely. All four previously worked with Evans on the films “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “Captain America: Civil War”, “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Finale”.

Shortly after the premiere of “Grey Man”, it was announced to Netflix subscribers that a sequel and spin-off set in the universe of “Grey Man” were in development. As for Chris Evans, the next time he will be seen reunited with Ana de Armas in the Apple TV+ Ghosted movie. If Dodger turns out to be in a wrinkled shirt from this production, we will let you know about it.


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