Chris Evans breaks the silence after making a mistake


American actor Chris Evans, 39, best known as the famous Captain America on the big screen, a very coveted bachelor in Hollywood and a hero who does not hesitate to post on social media pictures with his dog, on Saturday a wave of reactions on Twitter, after he posted an embarrassing intimate image on Instagram.

He did not react immediately to this blunder, which his former Disney (Marvel) employer certainly would not have liked.

Chris Evans, however, was supported by those close to him.

His brother, Scott, an actor and producer, had an overwhelmingly funny reaction, and Mark Ruffalo – aka Hulk – posted a humorous message to support his friend.

“Brother, as long as Trump is president, you can’t do ANYTHING that makes you laugh. See, it’s good and bad,” Ruffalo wrote.

The former Avengers star decided on Tuesday to make a mistake and gave the best possible answer to this buzz on social networks.

“Now that I have your attention …”, the actor launches, half amused, half embarrassed, on Twitter, “go and vote on November 3 !!!”, he urges his admirers.

It is a clear message urging his fellow citizens to vote in the 2020 US presidential election, in which the star introduced an emoji that holds his head as if to apologize.

“I’m so proud of you. You have my full attention,” Jamie Lee Curtis reacted to the tweet.

“You do this for your country,” says actress Jameela Jamil.

Among many other messages, Internet browsers write “” Suddenly, I’m proud to be American, “or” Everything’s fine, the world has discovered that you have a … big heart, “” You did this for democracy, “” The most good answer possible “,” An intimate photo for a good reason “,” Only Chris Evans can brightly turn the situation around and encourage people to go to the polls “or” It’s taking power “, reflecting the impact of the blunder.

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