Chris Evans accidentally shared a candid photo


Captain America has the shield, his interpreter shows us the sword: with more than 125 thousand tweets on his account Chris Evans has climbed the charts of the trend topics on Twitter in just a few hours. The reason? The actor accidentally showed a photo of his penis on Instagram.

In the stories of Evans, in the afternoon, a recording of a cell phone screen was recorded, during which a saved video was played. A video in which the author laughs while playing an answer game. In the last frames of the recording, however, some photos of the gallery are taken, including that of an erect penis.

It is not clear if it was that of the actor or of the Incredible Hulk, of course. Evans took steps to delete the story from Instagram, but the internet does not forget. Going against Chris’s wish, Twitter was flooded with posts with the offending story, making his name trending. Little did the tweets from fans who tried to boycott the trend with photos of the actor with his dogs to safeguard the privacy of his favorite: Cap’s drawn sword continues to be republished and to go around the web.

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