Chris Evans accidentally got naked and viral


Chris Evans unintentionally posted a picture of a penis after sharing his cell phone screen recording on his Instagram. The actor posted on his Stories a video that showed a family joke, but at the end of the recording, the camera roll of his cell phone appeared with several photos of him and one of the sexual organ.

Captain America’s slip ended up making his name among the most talked about subjects on Twitter. “Everyone running to Twitter when they heard that Chris Evans’ nudes had leaked,” posted an Internet user with a photo of a running chicken. “Appreciate Chris Evans and the great man he is,” joked a young woman. “Me rolling the screen in despair looking for Chris Evans’ nudes,” confessed another.

There were people questioning whether the nude would be his or sent to him by another man. Many fans of the actor also asked that the photo not be shared out of respect for the heartthrob. “Chris suffers from anxiety. So, I hope he’s fine, don’t share,” he asked.

Fans react to Chris Evans leaked nudes:


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