Chris Carter’s Story Goes Viral: NFL World Reacts – The Spun: What’s Trending in the Sports World Today


Earlier this week, the NFL Throwback Twitter account posted a video with former star receiver Chris Carter.

The video showed how the longtime star of the Minnesota Vikings makes a ridiculous catch with one hand after a ridiculous catch with one hand. It was also accompanied by a signature in which the whole world of the NFL spoke.

“Best hands ever?” the account asked. Well, Carter watched the video and told an amazing story about what Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice once told him.

“Talking to @JerryRice this week, he said: “I wanted to catch the ball like Chris Carter,” Carter said.

Carter’s comment has sparked controversy in the NFL world over who has the best hands.

“He, [Larry] Fitzgerald, [Randy] Moss is the best hands ever,” said one fan.

“People really thought that one—handed fishing was something new… SISI put on a show before the game,” another fan said.

Others noted that Odell Beckham Jr. constantly makes headlines with his crazy throws, but Carter did it in his time.

“Chris Carter was OBJ before OBJ,” one fan said.

Does Chris Carter have the best hands of all NFL receivers, past or present?