Chris Broy – This is Real Life – #nofilter” Dubey


Chris Broy (33) also wants to show himself from a very personal side! From October 10, there will be a special treat for fans of cultural reality shows. A new show called “Real Life — #unfiltered” is starting. In the program, the personal life of some candidates for a reality show should be closely monitored with a camera. At the moment, it is confirmed that Calvin Kleinen (30), Cosimo Sitiolo (40), Diogo Sangre (27) and Vanessa Mariposa (29) provide private information. Now it says: Chris Broy will also be noticed!

On The Real Life – #nofilter Instagram page, it was confirmed that Chris Broy will also be part of the cast of the new series. “Follow us in our daily life, in our struggle and in everything that is yet to come,” the former candidate for the dacha gave the first look at the series. In total, seven friendly participants of the reality show take part in the show.

Calvin has already been allowed to tease on Instagram who else will be part of the format. “She’s dark—haired and very, very, very funny, I find her very interesting, she’s a real Cologne original girl,” Casanova told TV. Fans have speculated whether it could be Temptation Island member Maike Emonts, Alessia Herren (20), Jasmine Herren (43) or Janine Pink (35).


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