Did Chris Brown just announce a feat with Dadju?


Did Chris Brown just announce a feat with Dadju? When we tell you that Dadju is at the top, it is because he is at the top, On Instagram, Chris Brown then announced a collaboration with the singer!

On Instagram, Dadju made a very nice surprise to his audience. So it seems that the star is preparing very heavy with the more than famous, Chris Brown .

In the space of a few years, Dadju has absolutely torn everything apart on the French scene. It’s simple, the singer goes from success to success .

You have to believe that nothing can stop it. Each of his pieces is a real slaughter .

With each new performance, the former member of The Shin Sekaï manages to surprise and seduce his audience. Besides, his latest album was also a hit. Certified platinum disc , the project then everyone agreed.

In this period of confinement, listening to Poison or Antidote can be a good remedy for boredom! But Dadju does not intend to stop there. On Instagram, he then made a very big announcement to his fans.


Recently, Dadju surprised his audience by announcing a future song with one of the pillars of rap .

The most active on the Web therefore know that it is the famous Rohff . But this is not the only surprise from the singer!

Today on Instagram , he then shared the very special announcement of an international star. You will understand, this is Chris Brown.

So, it’s a safe bet that a collab is to be expected . No, you’re not dreaming !

For a surprise, it is one! Dadju will therefore be the first French singer to share the microphone with Chris Brown . High class !

From now on, all you have to do is wait … We can’t wait!


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