Choi Siobhan from Super Junior shares excitement about his new romantic comedy “Love for Suckers”


Choi Siobhan from Super Junior is ready to win hearts with his new romantic comedy!

ENA romantic comedy “Love for Suckers” starring Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon as Gu Ye Rym and Park Jae Hoon, two best friends who have known each other for 20 years. When they meet as a production director (PD) and an actor of a reality dating show, they suddenly begin to have romantic feelings for each other.

Choi Siwon plays Park Jae-hoon, who looks good and has a great background. He graduated from the best medical school in Korea, but currently works as a plastic surgeon irregularly. Due to his good looks, Park Jae-hoon is often forced to go on blind dates, but his aloof attitude leads to the fact that they all end up having affairs.

For the past 20 years, Park Jae-hoon has maintained an incredibly close friendship with Gu Ye-rym, whose personality is completely opposite to him. Given their differences, the two always quarrel, but a series of unexpected scenarios brings them closer than ever, which is why Park Jae-hoon begins to see her as more than a friend.

Choi Siwon commented: “It seems that our first shoot was only yesterday, so it seems new that we are already waiting for the broadcast. I hope that you will spend this touching autumn with the film “Love for suckers”, for the filming of which I am putting a lot of effort together with many actors and producers. Please pay a lot of attention to us.”

The premiere of the ENA series “Love for Suckers” took place on October 5, and the next episode will air on October 6 at 21:00 Korean time. KST!


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