Cho Seung—woo Is a Carefree Pianist Turned Lawyer in The Upcoming Drama


JTBC has released the first footage of Cho Seung-woo from his new drama!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Sacred Divorce” (literal title) tells the story of a talented divorce lawyer named Shin Seong Han (the word “sinseonhan” means “sacred” in Korean). The drama adaptation will be written by Yoo Young-ah, the screenwriter of the popular JTBC drama “Thirty-Nine”.

Cho Seung-woo will play Shin Sung-han, a classical pianist who was once a professor of music at the University of Germany. However, when shocking news reaches him, he decides to become a lawyer in order to personally confirm the details.

In the footage, Shin Song Han’s shaggy hair, which almost reaches his shoulder, speaks of his free nature, not bound by formalities. His horn-rimmed black glasses create a good harmony with his gentle smile, through which the audience can feel his composure and strength at the same time. Viewers are curious to know the reason why Shin Sung Han became a lawyer at the age of about 30 after giving up a career as a pianist, and the final destination he is trying to reach.

The premiere of “Sacred Divorce” is scheduled for March 4 at 22:30 Korean time. kst.


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