Chloe decides to die to be a demon and be with Lucifer


The fourth season of Lucifer took Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker’s romantic tension to new extremes. However, some fans of the Netflix series predict a spooky ending for the attractive couple.

However, the recent string of unfortunate events behind the scenes hasn’t stopped “Lucifans” from wildly speculating about the potential events of the next part of Lucifer’s fifth season.

Now that the fallen angel has regained his dominance over the underworld and appears to confirm that Chloe is indeed his first love, Lucifer fans have been wondering if their fledgling romance will have a happy ending.

While Chloe may find herself trapped in heaven, unable to see her true love, other Lucifer devotees have found an alternative solution to bring the two new lovers together.

Some fans believe that Chloe could receive a similar makeover in the second half of the fifth season to rule alongside Lucifer in his infernal domain making her the queen of the underworld.

However, there are those who argue that the fifth season of Lucifer will end on hold to continue with the sixth and final installment, so they emphasize the fact that they have not killed Chloe yet.

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