Chloe and Lucifer consume their love in a room


One thing fans are claiming is that Chloe and Lucifer couldn’t handle was their attraction to one another and in season five, part one, the pair gave in to what they really wanted.

About the moment Chloe and Lucifer finally hooked up, showrunner Ildy Modrovich said there was a lot of pressure at the time, she really wanted it to not be too easy.

She also mentioned that even though it’s been a long journey, within the actual Lucifer season, she wanted to make it important and also make sure it wasn’t a happily ever after because that’s not only boring, it’s unrealistic.

Before the long-awaited moment, Lucifer and Chloe worked through their problems, and Lucifer realized that he chooses to be vulnerable with Chloe. His ability to bring out people’s wishes doesn’t work for Chloe either.

However, the sex brought some complications to their relationship, with Chloe gaining the ability to seduce Lucifer. This meant that Chloe could ask Lucifer’s wishes and he could no longer use his abilities on anyone else.

Fans of the Netflix recaptured series have continued to express their enthusiasm and Lucifer and Chloe finally brought things up to the room and that there will be more and more intensity in the second part of season 5.


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