Chivas players would not like the Oribe Peralta attitude.


The reactions after the National Classic continue, especially because three days after Chivas’ 1-0 defeat at the hands of América, Oribe Peralta and Uriel Antuna continue to be judged by the scene in which they are seen laughing and exchanging shirts with players from the Eagles just finishing the game.

In this regard, Isaác Brizuela spoke who pointed out that he understands the annoyance of the fans, as well as the friendship that exists between the players involved, in addition to clarifying that he did not exchange his shirt.

“It’s a situation that has been talked about the most in this Classic. I can understand the fan, the anger or frustration they feel after a negative result, just like us that it obviously hurts us. Maybe in that image they coincided in a previous team, I think most are from Santos and I understand that they have known each other for years, “he told WDeportes.

Also, the “Cone” revealed that after the controversy, the players had a talk in the dressing room in which they asked to be made aware and take care of the image of the club, although he clarified that it was not a scolding.

“We talk about it on campus, you have to be very careful with any image or scene, when we do it. It is an issue that we try to resolve, it was not a wake-up call, it is an exchange of words that the whole group did with the coaching staff, to be more aware, to know that it was a defeat and we have to be very careful with everything what we do. Just be aware of what you can and cannot do during and after a game, “he said.

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