Chivalry II arrives in June and will have Beta in March


Publishers TripWire Presents and Deep Silver as well as developer Torn Banner Studios today announced the official release date for the game Chivalry II. This announcement came today during an Epic Games showcase and revealed that the game will be available on June 8th this year.

In addition to the PC version, the game will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. Other than that, it was also revealed that the game will have a beta testing period on the mentioned platforms and crossplay will be released on all.

Anyone interested in Chivalry II can now purchase a copy for PC in the digital pre-order. There is a normal edition, which includes a skin for a weapon, and a special edition that has several treats for fans. Although it is expected, it is worth saying that buying the game on pre-order guarantees you a place in the beta test we mentioned.

Just like in the original game, this sequence follows as a multiplayer first-person title that tries to recreate those great medieval battles that we only see in movies and series. Fortunately, the developers announced that there will be several improvements over the first Chivalry.

This includes an improvement to the battle system, especially to make combat faster and more deadly. If you were curious, just check out the new trailer in the video above!


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