Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez split up?


Recently Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez gave the news that they were separating, this made many fans sad because they closely followed their love story. However, there are those who believe that the couple could reconcile in the future because to date Chiquis and Lorenzo have officially separated 4 times. And if you don’t remember all of these, here we refresh your memory.

1. The first time

In June 2017, just a month after they announced their courtship, Jenni Rivera’s daughter announced that they were no longer together. At that moment she said that it was not because of some infidelity, just because they had made the decision between the two.

2. The first commitment

By the beginning of 2018 they were again a very happy couple and they surprised their fans by making their engagement official.This would not last long because in March she assured that they were no longer engaged and there would be no wedding. By April of that year they were already reconciled.

3. The fight with Claudia Galván

Lorenzo’s ex, Claudia Galván, would be a key piece in the coming and going between Chiquis and the singer. After their reconciliation they briefly separated again in May 2018. In June they returned stronger than ever and this time the commitment would be to reach the altar a year later.

4. The final separation

The couple finally arrived at the altar amid controversy as it was said that they sold their wedding to the highest bidder. They had an extraordinary honeymoon and seemed very happy. 2019 passed quietly but at the beginning of 2020 there would be rumors of distancing again. Now they have said that they are definitely separated and while this does not exactly mean divorce, it does seem that their story is over once and for all.

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