Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez get divorced


“With a heavy heart …”, that’s how Jenni Rivera’s daughter Chiquis Rivera began with the announcement on Instagram of her final separation from Lorenzo Méndez

The famous daughter of Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera has announced today on Instagram her final separation from her current husband Lorenzo Méndez.

The singer wrote a few words indicating the definitive end of her marriage with the former vocalist of the Original, Lorenzo Méndez.

“With a heavy heart …”, this is how Chiquis Rivera began her announcement on Instagram, with which Jenni Rivera’s daughter ends their relationship and prevents the beginning of rumors about what happened between them.

The interpreter of Anímate y verás pointed out that it was a rather difficult decision, but that they both made together for their well-being.

With a heavy heart … she informed them through this medium that Lorenzo and I have decided to separate. It was a mutual and difficult decision, but a necessary one, the famous singer clearly wrote in her words.

Chiquis specified that neither she nor her husband seek publicity with this and that they have decided to share the end of their marriage as well as they have shared special moments of their relationship with their loyal followers.

NO, this is not something I am posting to cause controversy or “publicity”, far from it. This is our private life that we have decided to share with you these last 4 years, and for that reason I feel the need to let you know.

Chiquis Rivera made it very clear that she expects, as well as Lorenzo Méndez, privacy at this time and that she will not conduct interviews on the subject or give more details about their separation.

We are extremely grateful for the support and love you have given us, but I ask for your privacy at this time. I’m not going to give interviews on this topic, much less give details, so I ask my friends in the middle, with all my heart, to please respect that. .

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To make more than clear what she expects from the media and her followers, she also issued a message in English asking for understanding and respect at this time; in addition to highlighting that there are separate paths for both.

God has other plans for us, regardless. This is not easy, so I ask for some compassion and understanding during this time, please.
This publication has been made known by the interpreter an hour ago on her Instagram account and accompanied by a photograph in which they both appear, she with face masks, which makes it more than clear that the now ex-couple concluded on good terms.

Some months ago, Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez had gone through a marriage crisis, which marked a separation that was not made public from the beginning. This set off endless rumors as to whether or not they were really together.

The rumors became louder after images emerged of Lorenzo leaving not exactly through the front door of the famous singer’s house.

Some show notes were also noted that indicated the former vocalist of La Original had been unfaithful to Chiquis with another woman and there were images of the events. However, the woman in question came out to clarify everything and pointed out that she had only taken a photograph with Méndez because he was famous and had no connection with him.

Later the pair surprised to the world of the spectacle when announcing that they were again together and apparently everything was well now; But they had to face one more obstacle, the coronavirus affected both.

However, love was not enough in this couple and finally today Chiquis Rivera makes official their final separation and by mutual agreement, from Lorenzo Méndez.


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